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Living regionality at the Gastagwirt

For almost 700 years the Gastagwirt has been living the interplay of gastronomy and agriculture. Whereas in the past it was almost the only way to get food, nowadays the focus is purely on quality. We at the Gastagwirt have retained this beneficial combination and can thus offer our guests an offer that is no longer regional.

Close to the guesthouse you can visit our organic farm - which is built in modern timber construction - at any time. We keep original Pinzgauer oxen and Coburger fox sheep, which are well known for their excellent quality. Pigs, which may still lie on straw and chickens, which move in the chicken mobile over the green meadows and lay straight therefore the best eggs. For all products that we do not produce ourselves, we rely as far as possible on regional suppliers.

From the good regional dairies such as SalzburgerLand, Woerle, Mattigtaler Hofkäserei and the Eisl family in Abersee, to the Edtmühle in Neumarkt, the Schlossfischerei at Fuschlsee, our Walser vegetable farmers to the Metzger Ablinger in Oberndorf. We live in a paradise and have the best right on our doorstep!

Your Gastagwirt-Team is looking forward to your visit



Beef tartare from an organic ox
classic marinated
served with toast
€ 14,50
Carpaccio from our Organic Ox
served with rocket salad and parmesan cheese
€ 13,00
Mild smoked deer-ham
served on green salad with raspberry-dressing
comes with nuts, pumpkin and chestnut’s
€ 11,50

Regional dishes


Good quality starts with the basic product. That's why we at the Gastagwirt have been running our own farm for centuries, which is of course organically managed. And what we cannot produce ourselves, we buy from regional producers.

"Hungarian-style" Goulash
with beef from our farm
served with dumplings, sausage, pickles and fried egg
€ 15,00
Homemade Giblets
served with a dumpling in a creamy sauce
€ 11,00
Prime Boiled Beef
from the traditional Pinzgauer cow; served with shredded potatoes,
wild a creamy spinach and apple-horseradish
€ 17,00
Boiled Pork in Horseradish
from the “Schwäbisch- Hällisch Landschwein“
with root vegetables and cumin potatoes
€ 14,50
Sheep-joint from our Grandmother dispensing
with roast potatoes and root vegetables in a rosemary-sauce
€ 17,00
“Two kinds of pork”
minced meat and a grilled piece of pork
served with potato wedges, bacon-beans and mustard
€ 17,00

Classic soups


with sliced pancakes
or with a meat-strudel
€ 4,90
or with a liver dumpling € 5,50
Creamy Pumpkin
with roasted pumpkin seeds and whipped cream
€ 6,50
Viennese soup pot
bouillon with vegetable strips and beef from the pasture ox
€ 6,50

Fresh salads


chicken breast filled with tomatoes and mozzarella
fried in a pumpkin-seed- breading
served on assorted salads
€ 15,00
“Gentleman’s Salad“
Pan-fried slices of turkey
served on assorted salads with yoghurt dressing
€ 13,50



Beef patty with cheddar-cheese, crispy bacon, potato wedges,
caramelised onions and salad
served with spicy tomato- pepper- salsa
€ 17,00
“Hungarian-style” Goulash
with beef from our farm
served with dumplings, sausage, pickles and a fried egg
€ 15,00
Homemade Giblets
served with a dumpling in a creamy sauce
€ 11,00
“Wiener Schnitzel”
escalope of pork “Viennese style”
served with French fries and cranberry sauce
€ 14,00
Turkey Cordon Bleu
served with French fries and cranberry sauce
€ 17,00
Traditional Deep-Fried Chicken
served with French fries and cranberry sauce
€ 17,00
Fillet of pikeperch
grilled with garlic and onions
served with parsley potatoes and a green salad
€ 20,50
Organic breast of duck
served with red cabbage, orange sauce and croquettes
€ 22,50
Ragout of deer
served with root vegetables,
a dumpling and cranberry-red cabbage
€ 20,50
Thin strips of deer
served with “Spätzle” and cranberry-red cabbage
€ 18,00

Vegetarian dishes


At our salad buffet we offer daily a large selection of freshly prepared salads. For subsequent dishes this great buffet is gladly included!

served in a pan with crispy fried onions
€ 13,00
Vegetable plate “autumn style”
Comes with grilled pumpkin, chestnut’s, a semolina-dumpling,
Cranberry-red cabbage and mixed vegetables
€ 14,00
served with a fine tomato ragout
€ 14,00
Homemade pasta
served with a light lemon-sauce
€ 12,50
... added with 5 king prawns € 18,50

Bei Fragen zu den Allergenen in unseren Lebensmittel stehen Ihnen unsere geschulten Kellner gerne zur Seite!


to the Gastagwirt


Enjoy the harmony of this old traditional inn, which was founded by our forefathers as early as 1380.

For more than 625 years people have tried their best to serve guests travelling this main road, which has always been a major trading route.

Since then the Gastagwirt has been both, Hotel and Farm. Today, as well as in these past centuries, our guests have been served fresh and fair-minded products and till this day, our kitchen is well known for this approach.

For this effort and success the Gastagwirt has been awarded the “AMA-Gastro-Siegel” for supporting local agriculture producers.


Veal and Beef

Most of it is grown on our farm – which is of course operated purely organic. If we happen to run short of anything we buy finest austrian quality from our local butcher – Mr. Franz Ablinger from Oberndorf.


is grown on our purely organic farm.

Dairy Products

are being supplied by our regional dairy-factories like “Salzburg- Milch” and “Woerle”.

Fresh Fish

We get the trouts and arctic char from our surrounding lakes.


are supplied by our own free- ranging and happy hens.


are provided by Mr. Roman Schmidt from Niederrussbach, who, by the way, is a famous vintner.

Sheep – Cheese - Products

are delivered directly from the Wolfgangsee- Area by the Eisl-Family from Abersee.

Fresh Vegetables

This is the Job of Franz Reisner from Eugendorf.


Enjoy the wonderful regional products – 
We have got plenty of it!
Not everything is getting better just because it is shipped around the world!