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Gastagwirt Organic Farm

Organic farming and "lived regionality" in the Salzburger Land

For the Gasthof Gastagwirt the topic of organic farming is not new. The connection between hospitality and farming has been on our agenda for the last 800 years. In former generations, the main focus was on the supply with goods and food - nowadays it is all about QUALITY.

We are more than proud to maintain this kind of symbiosis. In the last couple of years, the spirit of quality has grown tremendously and is more crucial to local producers than ever before in this generation. There is much fraud going on in the world of food production, from wrong certificates, to seals of quality which are hardly comprehensible. Not in the Gastagwirt, we show where our products come from - especially to our guests. Therefore and for a maximum of transparency we've recreated our Gastagwirt organic farm from scratch.

The little pigs in the new Gastagwirt organic farm

We created a modern and appropriate farm area, which was built with a modern timber constructions and therefore meets the strongest rules and codes for organic farming. Our animals live on fines straw and can check out the outer world around Eugendorf whenever they want. For cultivation and management of the farm we make use of the most modern technique we could find - with a serious focus of sustainability. 

Our "Pinzgau oxen"

Our oxen in the new barn

We constantly own 40 - 50 oxen from the region of Pinzgau - a kind of cattle which is threatened with extinction. We especially care for our oxen with the best food and with a certain sense of "wellness". Our cattle grows slowly - that is the only defensible way for us. For "high end feeders" with a steady sense of profit, this would not be profitable, but for us it is the only way we do it.

Our really cool fox-sheep

Our funny looking fox-sheep

We think, they look really funny - our brown fox-sheep. This is an old species, that can't be met very often these days. We still have some, as we here also prefer quality over budget. The fox-sheep are raised by a famous man in our region, his name is Hans Haubeneder and he is from the neighboring village of Hallwang. Every spring the sheep come to the Gastagwirt meadow near the Eugen-creek. This area is a little paradise for them - this paradise is really worth a walk and a visit.

We also have young pigs

The little pigs in the new Gastagwirt organic farm

We have to admit - our young pigs have the same destiny as many of their fellows - we do not euphemize that. But, and this is crucial for us, as long as they stay with us, they should have the best time possible. And look at them - looks like, they have lots of fun. Our pigs do not lie on dirty grounds. We care for clean spots and they can leave the barn whenever they want. The entire area is full of fresh air - modern and biological. Believe us, pigs do not like bad air.

And also a couple of chickens

Happy chickens at work at the Gastagwirt organic farm

Our chickens have a real good life. The are camping with their chicken-mobile and stop wherever they like it the most. 220 highly motivated chickens are not only responsible for your perfect breakfast egg, but also are the main production unit for the best cakes and pies, that leave our bakery. We organized a modern chicken-mobile for them - with a maximum of comfort and flexibilty. We "drive" our chickens to the best spots in our area, so they always find the freshes grass. Ok, they do not lay as many eggs, as if they were inside a turbo-laying-battery, but you only have to look at them. Our chickens are just happy and feel really well.

Good care for our animals - double joy and fun

The work in our farm is important to us. So important, that the major part of the work is done by the boss and his family. The Maislingers are dedicated hosts, but also love farming. Only if you are part of both, you can create the perfect symbiosis between farming and running a restaurant - which means the most benefit for our guests.

The work in the farm is pure joy for us and therefore we really fill the shoes of our ancestors. We do not only create places to stay for our guests, but we also do our best to create unforgettable experience. And peace of conscience comes from offering the best products with the most sustainable production line.

And what about the future?

I think, for a guest, it has never been as hard as nowadays to find "real good" products and food, which is really high-end and sustainable. Greed and shortsightedness of handling nature are strongly dominating factors. We think and act differently and want to show to our guests, how joyful it is, to act with consciousness and honesty. This attitude has dominated the Gastagwirt for centuries and the next generation is also already in agreement with it.

So, what do you think, are you interested in our new organic farm? Come and meet us and our our animals in the Gasthof Gastagwirt in Eugendorf.

The Maislinger family looks forward meeting you soon!

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