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Gastagwirt Story

The Countryhotel Gastagwirt in the Salzburger Land - a house with a long-lasting history and tradition

The history of the Gastagwirt began in the year 1380. That was the time when travel and transportation were not as easy as nowadays. 

The routes were tricky and the distances were long. Along the trade routes through the Salzburger Land the evolution of taverns and food stations was one natural development. Originally the Gastagwirt was one such tavern. The "Alte Wiener Straße", the traditional trade route through the country was an important lifeline around Salzburg and so the Gastagwirt gained in size and power. 

Since the year 1516 the historical development of the house can be reconstructed quite properly. The house and the concession of the family have been handed over from one generation to the next. Each generation had its own threats and challenges. Today`s generation, Anneliese and Fritz Maislinger, who inherited the Gastagwirt from Anneliese's parents Franziska and Mathias Kaufmann, face the challenge of running an old traditional business as a modern business in a fast pace environment.

Whether you are part of a convention, you arrive with your roadbike or golf bag or your take your family on vacation - the Maislingers are there for you to create an unforgettable hotel experience. Indulge into the old and traditional spirit of the house and the region and take part in the ever lasting role of the Gastagwirt - as an important tavern, restaurant and hotel in this beautiful and famous region of the Salzburger Land

The Maislinger family looks forward meeting you soon!

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You should come as a group and benefit from a huge variety of privileges in the Country Hotel Gastagwirt in the Salzburger Land.

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