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Roadbike Region Salzburger Land / Salzkammergut

Roadbike Region Salzburger Land / Salzkammergut - the versatile roadbike region

The Roadbike Region Salzburger Land / Salzkammergut has existed for two years and consits of the top six roadbike destinations around Salzburg. All members together form the high end roadbike expertise of the Salzburger Land. 

But where exactly is the Roadbike Region Salzburger Land / Salzkammergut? It reaches from the city of salzburg to the Salzkammergut and from the northern part of the Salzburg lakes area to the mountains of the Dachstein region. The variety of tours and trips for you and your roadbike is terrific. 

The Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt is right in the middle. The head of the hotel Fritz Maislinger was a co-founder of the roadbike region. If you want to experience the beauty of the roadbike region Salzburger Land / Salzkammergut, come to the Roadbike Holtel Gastagwirt. Fritz is happy to show you his region. 

For further information on the roadbike region nr. 1 come and visit us on the internet.