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Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt - Roadbike Expert

Roadbike expertise in the Roadbike Region Salzburger Land Salzkammergut - when it comes to Roadbiking, Fritz Maislinger knows what he talks about.

Roadbiking has been his topic for a couple of years already. The entire resort of the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt has been transformed into a roadbike destination by Fritz Maislinger. That is the expertise you will profit from, as soon as you arrive in Eugendorf. There is no single Roadbike route Fritz has not yet ridden - come and ask him. 

In order to offer  you your perfect roadbike vacation in his region, Fritz took part in the creation of the Roadbike Region Salzburger Land / Salzkammergut a couple of years ago. You see, the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt and the entire region are full of roadbike expertise and Fritz is more than happy to let you profit from that. 

When you get your Roadbike out of the Gastagwirt Roadbike Room in the morning, Fritz Maislinger is already on his feet to be there for you.

You have questions concerning routes, trips or training loops in the Salzburger Land? Go and ask Fritz, he is the expert.

You have technical problems and need assistance with damage? Fritz knows all the technicians in the region and gets in contact with the right shop for you. Damages along the road are no longer a problem - the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt offers a special pick-up-service. Your Roadbike is badly damaged and you need a replacement? No problem, the Gastagwirt offers a couple of Roadbikes for rent. There shouldn`t be a single day without Roadbiking in the Salzburger Land

Once a week Fritz Maislinger is on the road with you and shows you his favorite routes, loops and spots along the way. In the evening he is still around and you can meet him at the hotel bar for a drink or a special roadbike talk.

Welcome to the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt in the Salzburger Land - with Fritz Maislinger you are in really good hands. 

On our roadbike through the Salzburger Land

You want to be part of the roadbike paradise Salzburger Land? Then you should book your individual Gastagwirt Roadbike Package today!

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