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Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt - Food and Beverage

Healthy and delicious food before, during and after your cycling trip through the Salzburger Land

So you have just come back from a long and nice cycling trip? Your stomach is quite empty now? You should refill it right away. Therefore the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt is the perfect place. Our kitchen team specializes in light and delicious food for cyclists and sportsmen. 

You start a delicious cycling day at the huge breakfast buffet. Whole wheat products, fruits, juices and a huge variety of healthy products guarantee an active and powerful start in the day. You will gain strength and power from our muesli and eggs which are prepared for you freshly at the buffet. After your roadbike trip you will be hungry too. The kitchen team is always there for you to care about your needs. Salad, pasta or coffee and cake - whatever you desire. 

Important for successful cyclists is a healthy sleep. Your sleep should not be bothered by a full stomach after dinner. Therefore the kitchen team pays attention to light and healthy ingredients at your dinner table. You prefer hearty food for your dinner. Of course, you deserve it. Plain fare can also be found on the Gastagwirt menu. 

For nutrition during your cycling adventures we have created special Roadbike-Energy-Packages for you. You will find granola bars, isotonic drinks and fruits in your package. Still not the right thing for you? Go ahead and help yourself at the breakfast buffet - you can pack whatever you like for your Roadbike trip through the Salzburger LandEnjoy you Roadbike- or cycling trip through the region of the Salzburger Land.

In your Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt you will gain strength and power very easily. 

On our roadbike through the Salzburger Land

You want to be part of the roadbike paradise Salzburger Land? Then you should book your individual Gastagwirt Roadbike Package today!

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