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Roadbike Holidays

Roadbike Holidays - Roadbike Expertise in 37 hotels, 20 regions and 5 countries.

Roadbike Holidays - die Kompetenz auf schmalen Reifen

Roadbike Holidays has been on the market for four years. The "narrow tire" hotel group has started off with 25 hotels, in 10 regions and 3 countries. In the year 2013 there are 37 hotels in 20 regions and 5 countries. 

And the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt has been part of it from the beginning. Fritz Maislinger was a co-founder of Roadbike Holidays and he knows what a perfect Roadbike vacation is about. 


Within the group of Roadbike Holidays the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt is awarded with the category ELITE. Therefore it own two roadbike jerseys - what that means you can find out here:

Hotel facilities.

Roadbike rack in front of the house
Safe Roadbike room mit video surrveylance
Drying facilities for your roadbike clothing
Laundry service
Workshop area
Roadbike Info Corner
Bike cleaning materials
Internet station
Roadbike trip on the day of your departure 


Breakfast buffet 
Tour refreshments
Apres roadbike snack

Relaxation and recuperation

Sauna and steam room
Massage in the hotel

Roadbike trips and tours

Roadbike expertise in the house
1 x a week guided Roadbike tour or trip
GPS unit for rent
individual tour advice
pick up service on demand

In the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt you and your roadbike are perfectly welcome. For further information on Roadbike Holidays please visit our website. 

Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt and Roadbike Holidays - let's go for a ride