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Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt - Roadbike Region

The Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt in the Salzburger Land Salzkammergut - Roadbike Sport at its best.

What are you looking for if you go on a Roadbike ride? Is it duration, distance, elevation or slip stream training? Maybe you are looking for a less active way of cycling - whatever bike you use or how fast and intensive you ride; you should take a look at the Roadbike Region Salzburger Land Salzkammergut. 

In the middle of this Roadbike wonderland is the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt in Eugendorf. What are your benefits there? Routes, trips and training possibilities everywhere. From easy loops around Eugendorf, to Roadbike challenges in the foothills around the city of Salzburg, to the real famous mountain roads in the great mountains of the Salzburger Land. You won`t miss anything in the `Rennradregion` Salzburger Land/ Salzkammergut

The region around the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt has a long roadbike tradition. In the year 2006 it hosted the Roadbike world championships. Every year Eugendorf hosts the legendary Eddy Merckx Classic. A roadbike event where everybody can take part in. You would like to take part too? How about a preparation week for you and your Roadbike at the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt? 

You don't need a roadbike event to check out the Salzburger Land. The Gastagwirt has specialized in services for Roadbikers. With our save roadbike room, tips and tricks for your daily roadbike trip and light and easy nutrition we have thought of everything you need.

Welcome to the Roadbike Region Salzburger Land Salzkammergut.  

On our roadbike through the Salzburger Land

You want to be part of the roadbike paradise Salzburger Land? Then you should book your individual Gastagwirt Roadbike Package today!

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