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Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt - Roadbike Room

The Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt in the Salzburger Land Salzkammergut cares about you and your bicycle - safety comes first inside the Gastagwirt Roadbike Room

You love your shiny carbon fibre roadbike and maybe just got a new one for this season? Back home you store your bike inside your apartment - just to be safe? We really understand you. The people around the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt own expensive bicycles as well and we do not want to give thieves any chance. 

Therefore we have built a save, lockable Roadbike Room where only Gastagwirt guests have access to. Inside the Gastagwirt Roadbike Room every bicycle has its own place with enough room. We try to avoid damage and dents from other bicycles. For top-safety all the bicycles can be locked individually inside the room.

To give your Road-, Trekking- or Mountainbike the care and maintenance it deserves, the Roadbike Room is equipped with tools, cleaning facilities and high end lubricants. In case of bigger repairs or damage, do not worry - our Roadbike Expert Fritz Maislinger knows all the bicycle shops and technicians in the region and assists where help is needed. During your vacation, there shouldn`t be a single day without riding your Roadbike.

As you can see, we do not only care for your needs, even your bicycle will have a really good time in the Roadbike Hotel Gastagwirt in Eugendorf - right in the middle of the Roadbike Region Salzburger Land Salzkammergut.



On our roadbike through the Salzburger Land

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