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Convention Hotel Gastagwirt - Conference Catering

Take a break in the Convention Hotel Gastagwirt in the Salzburger Land - we care about your physical wellbeing.

In Austria we say "a healthy spirit lives in a healthy body" - you need a healthy spirit for efficient work during your convention in the Convention Hotel Gastagwirt in the Salzburger Land. So, we also care about your healthy body. We create light, healthy and vitamin-packed food.

Not only at the main meal times, we care for you all day long. Our Convention Catering is not limited to seminar breaks. In and around the Gastagwirt Convention Lounge you will find fresh food, lovely sweets and refreshing drinks all day long. Nobody wants an empty stomach to work efficiently. 

At the main meal times, from breakfast to dinner, the Gastagwirt team serves tasty dishes limitless. Gain important energy and power for long seminar days, or go for tiny refreshments in the Gastagwirt Convention Lounge. It is up to you. At lunch time let us entertain you at our Gastagwirt front-cooking-buffet and enjoy fresh ingredients and healthy products from our own farm. For dinner full-board-guest can expect our Gastagwirt four-course-dinner which specialties from our region. Be part of the Salzburger Land and enjoy lovely Austrian food. 

Whether you stuff your belly at the rich breakfast buffet, or you nibble in the Convention Lounge during the day - you can be sure that the Gastagwirt Team does everything for your pleasure. Before, during and after your Seminar breaks. 

One Day Convention Package

Convention during the day - without over night stay. Also for a one day convention we need modern technical equipment, room and an opened mind.

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