Regionalityis our credo.

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Zum Essen!

The best comes from the heart!

What has lasted so long must be truly good. Ourestate has been home to both a farm and an inn since 1380, with the owners known by name since 1516. Regionalityand originality are practised here to the full. We look after our animals, plants and soil not merely with care but also with love and dedication, which in turn allows us to produce fare to meet our high standards. It notonly tastes better for us, but more importantly for our guests!

Quality straight from the neighbourhood

This is why a philosophy of quality and long-term trust in our high-grade partners are so important to us. They provide us with everything whichwe cannot ourselves produce and which is fundamental to real taste. Milk and cheese products come from excellent regional dairies, such as SalzburgerLand, Woerle, theHofkäsereiin the Mattigtal Valley and the Eisl family in Abersee. We source fine groceries from Edtmühle in Neumarkt, the Schloss Fisheries on the Fuschlsee Lake, from our vegetable farmers in Wals, from Eder, the organic bakery in Faistenau and from Ablingerthe butcher in Oberndorf. It always a pleasant surprise to see how much goodness can be found close by.

Our high-quality beef and pork

comesmostly from our own organic farm,with the rest coming from Ablingerthe butcher in Oberdorf: pureAustrian quality!

Veal and beef

ismostly produced on our farm, which is – naturally – run on purely organic principles. If we happen to run short of anything, we can buy the finest quality Austrian meat from our local butcher, Franz Ablingerof Oberndorf.


is produced on our purely organic farm.

Dairy products

are supplied by regional dairy producers such as “Salzburg-Milch” or “Woerle”.

Fresh fish

(troutand arctic char ) is obtained from the surrounding lakes.


are supplied by our own happy, free-range hens.


are supplied by Roman Schmidt from Niederrussbach – who is also a famous winegrower .

Sheep’s cheese products

are delivered directly from the Wolfgangsee area by the Eisl family of Abersee.

Fresh vegetables

are supplied by Franz Reisnerof Eugendorf.


is delivered during the week by the Eder bakery in Faistenau and on Sundays by the Leymüller bakery.

A house of traditions

A house of history and personality

The Gastag has been firmly rooted in the town of Eugendorf in the Salzburger Land for over 700 years now. As early as 1380 it was awarded the “irrevocable, indispensable and forever hereditary licence to sell alcohol” with a letter and a seal.

The “gacheSteig [steep path]” leading up from Eugendorf was the name given to our part of the route in the past. A tavern was also located there, and together the name “Gastagwirt” – the inn on the steep path – was born.

Since 1516each generation has ensured that innkeeping traditions and sound farming practices are continued on the estate. Genuine hospitality is our watchword, as this is what defines our work and each guest’s stay, whether in the hotel or in the seminar area. We ultimately form one big family that shouldlack for nothing under the same roof.

Wirtshaus Eugendorf

Your hosts

The lifeblood of the Gastagwirtcomes from the people who work here. Everyone in our family has their own role to play and, along with our outstanding staff, we make sure that you will want for nothing here. Attentive service, the personal touch, kindness, warmth and of course all-round quality: this is what sets us apart – andmake your stay exceptional too.

Wirtsleute Gastagwirt